How to Tap Into the Power Within 7

…For Outward Abundance

This just in from Brad....Duck!

Step Seven

I just now felt nudged to go back and look at the Introduction to Part One of this series and my eyes focused on this paragraph:

“Two things have “bombarded” my thought processes of late and I have been doing a bit of research into what some self-proclaimed experts have to say in both arenas. The first is the relatively new phenomenon of “Tapping” and the results so many are claiming for it. Therefore, the subject of “Tapping” will be covered in Part I. The second will be the subject of Part II with a separate introduction.”

I admitted on the phone to Ryan yesterday that I had been gently reminded by Daddy/Mommy/Spirit that, because I had neglected practicing what I had been given …and that which I will share in Part II; and that (my not practicing it) was the reason that tapping was not as effective for me as rapidly as I had expected.

Tapping, as I have already stated, has been producing all kinds of breaking through in several areas, both emotionally and physically, for me, but I’ve been missing out on what could have been a more completely satisfying experience because I’ve been learning all these different things from different “experts” and forgotten some specific instructions to (and for) me from our SPIRIT-PARENT.

Brad's previous method of pounding gave him a headache, so he started to tap instead.

What now?

Okay, I’m supposed to share that just in the last 24 hours I have seen some dramatic results through doing what I was instructed to do in the first place. The operative word was “LINK” my past “pounding” routine and what that meant with the more effective “tapping” and not to neglect one for the  other – oh, my, this is beginning to sound complicated, Daddy –


Okay … plus I am supposed to incorporate what I will introduce in part II – well, I got the message loudly and clearly yesterday morning and began practicing the complete* application of “Tapping” that I’ve been given for me and noticeable changes which are already taking place!

* Complete Application: that is, incorporating both Parts I and II and “linking” with it all that is involved in what I have referred to in the past as “pounding” or “knocking.”

Mind you, PLEASE, I am not offering this as a “new, improved method” for anything …rather just sharing what is working so well (finally) for me …and the purpose of sharing it is so that you don’t get fixed on “my method,” but to provide an understanding of the basics so that anyone can go to our SPIRIT-PARENT to find out what will work best for YOU.

…Which IS THE POINT OF THIS ENTIRE SERIES – How to Tap Into the Power Within…For Outward Abundance – that is, …go to the SOURCE and not the supposed experts – not ignoring, necessarily, what others have to say, but not getting hung up on what the “great” Roger Callahan or the “lowly” Brad Cullen have to say. “My” way will work for many of you; Dr. Callahan’s way has worked, apparently, for multiplied thousands and both are worthwhile background.

If you don't pay attention, your brain could end up in a jar too!

…BUT Ryan’s and my stated purpose in what we post on our website and he publishes is to keep urging the Leapfrog experience of going directly to the SOURCE of everything, our (your) SPIRIT-PARENT until you know the “right way” that fits you, individually and, therefore, go beyond where we (and the “experts”) are to your own perfect place of receiving what is best for you, again, directly from our SPIRIT-PARENT. Now then, I’m supposed to share some more background from past research of mine and others about the brain, generally.

The first thing regarding the brain, about which we all may want to take notice, is the fact that in just the last two years, some scientists involved in current research into the human brain, are telling us that the latest technological advances in instruments that provide greatly enhanced measurement of activity in various areas of the brain are proving that widely accepted “scientific knowledge,” established as recently as even five years ago, is having to be rewritten.

This means that much of what I have considered “fact” about the brain has been rendered a myth. What is always unsettling about new scientific discovery is the fact that some educators, even up to the university level, are still relying upon information and disseminating “knowledge” to their students that is no longer true* and that some of it comes from textbooks and other materials published fifty and more years ago.

*Is it at all fair to say that something which is “no longer” true …never was? (At least from the perspective that it is “subsequent truth”)

Phone conversation with Ryan, during which he provided an answer for the question in the just above note:

Brad is getting good at swallowing his own.

“I’d have to go with another one of your statements and with which I heartily agree. Everything is 5% true, 95% true or something in between. In other words, that makes former truth still true until it is no longer true, but even then it is a mixture.”

I have to say I was having fun until he shoved “my” stuff down my throat (I’m grinning) plus adding his own, which to me is a brand new thought, that is, the “former truth being still true until it is no longer true” – kinda sounds like 4th Dimension truth, does it not?

What Ryan said next, however, is the perfect ending of Part I and beginning for Part II:

“What tapping has done for me is to make me notice certain things, for example, stress and tension. The importance to me, in staying tuned to the SOURCE during the tapping process is so that once you notice the problem you are able to hear when you’ve tapped enough and to let the problem go – so, with tension and stress, the antidote is to practice peace.

“I asked Daddy how come tapping wasn’t helping,” Ryan continued,  “and He said that tapping had made me aware of just how much tension and stress I was carrying around and that I had tapped enough, now say, “I release this and I am practicing peace.”

This was amazing to me because it is the very thing I learned over the last 24 hours and, that is, “tapping” is the shortcut to get to the root of whatever obstacle to experiencing outward abundance is revealed …now onto the Introduction to Part II which is the way to complete the process …and away we go!

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