Listening to Voices 22

(What If This Is True?)

Come on, of course I'm special. I died for your sins! How cool is that?

Chapter Twenty-Two


The conclusion I reached was that it was (through) this way of praying that made him “special.” That is, it brought him into line with the purpose for which he came and was born. What was that? To be an example of what each of us can be – joint heirs with Jesus …CHILDREN OF OUR SPIRIT-PARENT.

The foregoing is how we finished chapter 21 and I received the green light to restate and continue.

Okay, I’ve restated …now what?

It is clear from several e-mails that some of you didn’t “get it” …and that I am not to be judgmental, but merely to explain as I am directed and let those who have ears hear.

If you think the foregoing sounds a bit arrogant, I don’t deny it, it sounds arrogant to me as well, but just so you know …I don’t FEEL arrogant, but the next paragraph, which I just finished deleting seemed even more arrogant.

Right after deleting it I got a gentle rebuke – why didn’t I check-in first?

Oops, what now?

The gentle rebuke contained the thought that together our (yours and my) SPIRIT-PARENT could have edited it so it wouldn’t have been so arrogant. So, I’m gonna go back and rewrite it with our SPIRIT-PARENT’s guidance, but first . . .

When Brad is not writing we ask him to put his jacket on.

Okay, I just finished taking one of many e-mail breaks, this morning, reading an attachment from a good friend who, for what shall become obvious reasons, will remain unnamed. He forwarded to me, without comment, four writings from a relative he had received in an attachment via e-mail.

In the attachment the very brilliant writings from this relative and were, in my view, the product of full-blown genius, or a full-blown paranoid-schizophrenic episode – I wrote back telling him the writing was both fascinating and scary. The content isn’t important other than …well, I suppose the same could be said of some of the things I write.

After all, I do admit to hearing voices, right? In my own defense I will say this one thing and it is apropos – I say that everyone can and should hear this VOICE as well – this individual, however, the referenced relative, set himself above all that and us, as THE VOICE. I’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to make the distinction.

Here’s how it is apropos or germane to the issue of whether you are placing a label on me of “arrogant” …what I’m saying is that each of us have been conditioned one way or the other to think we are not as “special,” if you prefer, not  as “good” as Moses (for the Jewish among us), Muhammad (for the Muslims among us) or Jesus (for the Christians among us).

Do you block out the voices that spoke to your Icons?

The VOICE is the same one Who identified Him/Her/It-self from a burning bush, according to Moses, as “I AM” and who, according to Jesus, spoke through him and, according to Muhammad, was the impetus behind what he wrote in the Qur’an.

What the VOICE is saying, right now, is that many believed that Jesus claimed he was/is “I AM” in the flesh. Easily thought and argued over, unless we remember that he also stated in the same reference source, that is, the Christian Bible, that the words he spoke and the miracles he performed were not him saying or doing, but rather was “I AM” speaking through him.

Now then, I have been called and, yes, chosen (I’ve explained the distinction before between “the many who are called and the few who are chosen” and if you are not familiar with it, please write to me and I’ll send you the explanation by return e-mail).

YOU TOOcan be one of the few chosen, and therefore supposed to hear THE VOICE of “I AM” and, therefore, what I am saying is not out of any arrogance, but just a fellow beggar who has been shown where to get bread and sharing where and how it can be obtained …but you never will hear the VOICE of I AM until you stop putting any other human being INCLUDING (in alphabetical order) Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad AND EVERY OTHER human being in any elevated spiritual position — because none exists!

More, specific to Jesus and Christianity coming right up – NOW!

Is Jesus “special?” Of course! Let me give you an example of a guy who followed Jesus’ teaching to the point of turning the modern world upside down with how he applied them.

Who's voice did he hear?

Now, this is ex-Christian, Brad Cullen-logic here, folks, you can take it or leave it. That “guy,” who I’m talking about, himself a Hindu, drove everyone around him, both Hindus and Muslims (the prevalent religious beliefs of his fellow countrymen) to distraction by continually reading and pointing to what Jesus said; …and, by his application of what Jesus said, started the movement which eventually caused Great Britain to leave India.

This movement was what Martin Luther King based the modern Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. upon – non-violent, civil disobedience. The man was Mohandas Gandhi. I use him as an example for two reasons both of which prove the point of him being a true follower of the words which came through the mouth of Jesus.

Gandhi refused any titles – in fact, in his autobiography he denounced the term Mahatma, (here in English characters) a Hindi word meaning “holy one.” Gandhi openly refused the title when he heard anyone use it in reference to him.

Think about it; Gandhi today is still referenced by most people as “Mahatma” Gandhi a term he hated! Was Gandhi “special?” …of Course – are we getting this? Jesus said, and Gandhi emphasized, not to allow anyone to refer to him by any title that implies spiritual authority or superiority. As I say repeatedly, too bad Christianity with all its “fathers,” “pastors,” “bishops,” etc., ad nauseum, doesn’t pay heed.

Jesus summed it up by insisting that there was only ONE spiritual Father and Leader or Guide and that the rest of us were to be just as brothers and sisters to one another. This is only one of the many reasons that I refuse to be called a “Christian.”

Jesus said, why call me good? Only one is good, God. I’m not trying to denigrate Jesus. What I am doing is following our SPIRIT-PARENT’s instructions to uphold what our SPIRIT-PARENT clearly taught  THROUGH Jesus in this regard.

This is enough to chew on for now, come back for more in chapter 23. We’ll have to wait to see what the VOICE leads me to write. If you want to burn the book now and walk away – or just walk away, hear this, ringing in your head:

It’s okay! Perhaps it isn’t time for you to begin the journey of destiny that Jesus said was for everyone who believes. I suggest that you get your direction from the VOICE who has promised to never leave you or forsake you. Go with the VOICE!

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