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A friend in the U.K. wrote this morning asking whether the most recent article of mine that Ryan posted, helped the woman whose e-mail precipitated it.  I answered,

“I don’t know, ____ , but I thought what Dad gave me was powerful and I have a hunch it helped somebody, what do you think?”

He came back with:

I guess I was supposing that, like me, the questioner probably wanted the “lazy/shortcut” answer through Brad who has a “confirmed” connection to the Source (certainly in BC’s view it is “confirmed” and from what I’ve seen, I would agree with that view). Perhaps, like me, they lack the confidence (faith) to seek and know that they are connected and are hoping to get something concrete through you? But your purpose is to point seekers to the Source, not to be Bradapedia, right??

On the road to presumption, watch the signs.

What if what I have is merely presumption? You know, ____, I grew up with this tense argument among fundamentalists that a certain brand of “faith” wasn’t faith at all, but rather “presumption.”

It finally dawned on me that the kind of “faith” Jesus was teaching us is born on the wings of presumption, that is, if we make loud and forceful declarations toward our SPIRIT-PARENT in a continuum, all the while pounding on HER/HIS/ITS door (in the middle of the night was the rounding out of the metaphor), while also maintaining a picture in our minds that we already have what it is we continually declare UNTIL it makes its physical appearance …it will indeed appear on the physical plane.

As I began to practice this and prove to myself the truth of it, I saw the parallels to it in many different arenas including business and sports.

Because I feel that I am called to tell Christians that so many of their practices are at odds with what Jesus taught – I continually quote Jesus, when it would be much easier to point to any number of quite successful mental and spiritual processes that work on the same basis, that is, PRESUMPTION, that things are already ordered and in order for our “better good.”

Brad caught this Kitty praying like a Christian.

I continually beat up on Christians for their neat little pious sounding prayers that begin faithlessly: “Oh Father, if it be thy will, please grant such and such,” and end with, “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen” – and rarely, if ever, do these “prayers” produce any results, because they miss the key ingredient, which is acting on PRESUMPTION, as outlined in the foregoing.

Back to why I call this “prayer” faithless in just a second.

I have repeatedly made my rather crazy sounding remarks that I wish people wouldn’t ask me to pray for them to be healed of some malady or another, because that is not what will bring them into full, vibrant health. Okay then, what will?

There are all kinds of things that tend to align these body bags we occupy with the divine intent of the universe. Wow, Daddy, where did that one just float in from (“the divine intent of the universe” – I rather like it, don’t you?).

I’m thinking of the practice of Yoga, the healing method of Reiki, meditation of any number of varieties, all of which produce amazing results for different people; just plain “good” diet and exercise and a bunch of alternative healing methods as well.

This is on Brad's floor at home.

Meanwhile, Brad Cullen beats on Daddy’s door until the brain of this body bag I occupy finally “gets it” and produces the desired result that our SPIRIT-PARENT had intended for us all along. Is that presumption or is that presumption?

Now then, back to the faithlessness I contend is inherent in the above “prayer.” I was once asked in a small gathering of college students, how my way of praying was any more effective than that of the questioner. I asked silently how I should respond and was scared to death with what I was given, because I knew it would spark some hostility. I wasn’t disappointed.

The answer I gave was, “When I pray, I know that what I’m speaking will come to pass, when you pray you don’t.”

How can I be so sure of the truth of such a bizarre remark? The basics are simple. Other than my sometimes desperate pleas for help, which I always know our SPIRIT-PARENT hears, as well as the “faithless” variety, my “prayers” always bring about the desired result, but let’s look at the challenge that the faithlessness variety presents.

The only reason I know my praying will come to pass and the faithless variety produces nothing is this simple little two-fold secret: First, I don’t engage in what I refer to as “prayer” until I know what our SPIRIT-PARENT’s “will” (desires and purposes) is in any particular situation. Then, once I know, I don’t stop praying UNTIL it comes to pass.

What are the portions in Brad's Formula?

The key to knowing our SPIRIT-PARENT’s desires and purposes is to apply the same formula …keep on demanding to know UNTIL we do. Once we know we don’t say “if it be thy will” we know what it is and can thus speak it into existence with authority (period).

Regarding healing from disease, I know that it is ALWAYS the will of our SPIRIT-PARENT for everyone to be healed. Why then, so many ask, isn’t everyone healed? Because they are in conflict is the oversimplified answer.

I am supposed to close this off with this reminder of the lunacy with which some people approach “God’s will.” Ready?

How on earth can somebody say I don’t know if it is God’s will to heal me and then make an appointment to go to the doctor?

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