Just A Rhyme, But Oh My!

Brad Cullen

Brad Cullen

This arrived in my inbox this morning:

Dear Brad:

I wonder if you are even aware that you wrote a rhyme that has life-changing power – well it changed my life.

Ever since I read your book “What Now” I’ve been urging my husband to read it too. He finally is doing so and just this morning said he now understands why I put the rhyme up on the refrigerator. “That guy is giving me a whole different point of view.”

What I had typed and printed out is: Not just either/or –but BOTH AND MORE!

I think you may find interesting what Kirk said, because your little rhyme is changing both our lives: He said, It takes away all the argument about whether God does things or I do them.

You had written: beginning with the last paragraph on page 82, “We could say that faith encompasses all the above. That is, the working of God, independent of man AND God working through man to accomplish His purposes. In other words, not either/or, but Both and More.”

Just a note to say thanks for your dedication to writing the truth in an interesting and enjoyable way.

Emails are like presents to Brad, keep them coming folks.

What a way to start Christmas morning …a gift of confirmation from Daddy. Thank You!!!

I had just finished the final chapter in what I hope the publisher will see fit to make available soon in paperback form on Amazon.com: The 4th Dimension.

I also began the somewhat laborious task of doing the final edit and proof for putting it in commercial print format …and am finding that it isn’t laborious at all. It’s like visiting an old friend!

I am amazed at how the process of writing it has changed me dramatically over the last several weeks. I  have a sense of oneness and awe about my relationship with everyone and everything on this planet – while realizing more than ever before that I am a citizen of the kingdom of heaven NOW …planted here to participate in the unfolding of the new age of what physicists have termed the “multiverse.”

Many are proclaiming that the coming year, 2012, will be the end of the world. Many of us are sensing, rather than an “end,” a birthing of a new energy – certainly not a continuing of the old, but a fresh new start.

I have no idea when Ryan will get around to posting this brief article, but I do hope it is before it becomes passe to wish you all a happy new year!

In Freedom,


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