The 4th Dimension, In Review – Well, Kinda (Chapter Thirty-Six)

I actually thought the foregoing chapter (35) would be the finale. Until, that is, the inevitable phone call from 4,000 miles distant (depending on the route taken …up to 350 miles can be shaved from the driving distance) – by air it is actually less than 3,000 miles. Trivia or minutia to some, but for some reason, it must be important to me, right?

Ryan didn’t record the call, but he told me liked the chapter …and during our subsequent conversation he reiterated something to me that hadn’t really registered in me until he repeated it.

Ryan gets his advice from Brad, now you know how.

As you recall, I had written, again, in 35:

“Ryan tends to be quite organized in his thinking and tends to want to understand everything – Daddy meets him on that level.”

I tend to have little in the way of organizational skills and basically don’t give a rip about understanding anything intellectually. “Daddy,” I cry out, when the impulse comes along to want to understand, “HELP!” My needs are met on that level.

Ryan has been shown recently, by our SPIRIT-PARENT, that his former need to analyze and understand things intellectually was impeding his progress in the kingdom of heaven, NOW – parallel, ongoing universe – 4TH Dimension.

He articulated this succinctly in such a way that it “sunk in” during the call and I have no doubt that he and I are now on the “same page” in that particular instance. So the above referenced quote is inaccurate.

I had just said to him that I thought number 35 was going to be the last chapter, but after the new Ryan emerged so clearly in my consciousness, via his comment, I exclaimed to him that there had to be at least one more chapter.

So, Daddy/Mommy/SPIRIT, what now?

Well, well, I am to offer something practical after all. Practical only in the sense of how Brad Cullen often gets himself “reconnected” …after allowing all sorts of 3rd Dimension (or perhaps we can refer to them as “worldly”) distractions to impede the flow of SPIRIT.

Descriptive of what happens to me is personified in the remarks of the blind guy, born that way, who “miraculously” received his sight, saying to a group of religious leaders trying to gather some evidence that Jesus was a charlatan:

“Look, I don’t know about any of that, all I know is that once I was blind and now I can see!” As they kept at him, he basically started poking fun at their stupidity in persisting in that vein. Stripped of the religious overtones, the passage is hilarious …John 9:25 onward. Here’s the Brad Cullen version:

This boy was helped by this website. After reading the articles he knew exactly what to do, "I can see" he exclaimed.

This same group of religious leaders (trust me, I’ve encountered some with the same spirit), asked him what Jesus did to him so that he received his sight. He replied, “I already told you what he did …you didn’t listen to me then; what do you want from me? Do you want to become his disciples?”

These words, “once I was blind, but now I can see,” have been rattling around in my head now for several hours –

Please go to the website go to the top menu bar and click on the tab “podcast” and listen to #4.

I had to argue with our SPIRIT-PARENT about this, because it seems like such an imperfect way to express the practical, yet not practical, thing I AM compelled to share …and with this we (finally) close.

Urging you on to the 5th Dimension and beyond.

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