The 4th Dimension, Practical or Not, Here We Go (Chapter Thirty-Five)

In the immediate foregoing chapter (34) we took a detour into an e-mail exchange – I set that up in the chapter before that (33) thusly:

“ ‘Practical’ is a word for the physical, 3rd Dimensional realm – what I have to say probably won’t seem practical to very many – and to underscore the challenge, I feel led to share an e-mail exchange with a woman in Tennessee who gave me permission to both share her name and the exchange.”

This obviously never happened to Brad.

Now then, did any of that exchange seem very “practical?” From some of the e-mail I’ve received in the past 24 hours, several of you didn’t think so. Well, what is “practical” anyway?

I know some people who live by the parental slogans deposited in their subconscious …I’m sure you’ve heard this example: “Never change horses in the middle of the stream.”

Brad’s retort: “Oh yeah, what if the horse is dying?”

My earthly dad who had some deep-seated bitterness about being dumped in a boarding school while his parents, who were missionaries at the time, with the Church of Scotland, went off to save the people in, what was then called Indo China and both of whom subsequently died there, rendering dad an orphan.

My earthly dad had all kinds of little slogans for me when I was growing up: One just surfaced the other day:

Wow he who has got a lot!

“He who has gets.”

An obvious flippant reference to something Jesus said, which dad was applying in what he thought was a practical way for his young impressionable son, in order to get me to save money so I would have it to invest later …an obvious misapplication, well, that is, from at least one perspective.

Much of what dad said was simply reactionary to his unhappy childhood …this little exchange between him and my sister.

“Go wash your hands for dinner.” He had said sternly.

To which she chirped this response: “Oh yes, that’s right, cleanliness is next to Godliness, isn’t it.”

“Yeah, well it’s a hell of a lot more important to me, now go wash up!”

Ryan and I had a conversation the other day about how much we are affected by the craziness buried in the subconscious not only from our parents, but from myriad sources. We both have different approaches to overcome the obvious nonsense that keeps cropping up in our lives from these “voices” from our subconscious. What we do that is similar is we both go to our SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE for correction.

Ryan tends to be quite organized in his thinking and tends to want to understand everything – he is met on that level. I tend to have little in the way of organizational skills and care not about understanding anything intellectually. My needs are met on that level.

Okay back to the influence I had from earthly parents: Mom was brought up and she devoutly practiced Roman Catholicism until her marriage to dad. She and dad agreed that they would not impose any religious beliefs upon my sister and me.

How my sister and I both became quite active as Evangelical Christians in the “protestant” vein – she in her teens, I beginning at age 27 could be deemed mysterious I suppose. Yet, probably because of mom’s influence, we were both vocally tolerant not only of Catholicism but just about every other religious belief system there is.

Most people leave the church for the last time this way.

Both of us “came out” of organized religion of any variety later in life. We had no communication between us for almost twenty years until just recently – and while we live several hundred miles from one another, we have become quite closely connected, spiritually, in just the last few months.

One of her daughters suggested that she read a book of mine …she called me surprised to hear that I was a published author – I offered to mail her my latest, The Unrecognized You Discovered – a snippet from that phone conversation was that she has been confined to a wheel chair for the last several years due to “an incurable, degenerative back problem which is killing her” … when I suggested that perhaps she could be healed, her response was quite sarcastic:

“Dear, I said it was incurable, I cannot walk, okay? The doctors say I will never walk again, okay? I’m just waiting ‘til God takes me home and I’m fine with that.”

What can I say to that I asked, silently and got “nothing,” and to just send her my book.

Now I am making no claims whatsoever, about the phone call I received from my sister two weeks ago, BUT she called saying, “This is going to amaze you. This whole place” …she lives in an assisted living facility… “is amazed – I’m walking up and down the hallway with no walker no assistance no nothing …the physical therapist who has been working with me three times a week for over a year wants to take credit, I’m sure, but you and I know better, dear.”

She continued, “The most exciting thing for me is to know that you are there for me and after all these years I feel so close to you.” I agreed whole-heartedly. She is going on 85 and has somehow attracted a fiancé who is almost twenty years younger than she. I spoke with him over the phone for several minutes; a very bright guy who obviously is madly in love with my sister …can you believe it?  I do.

This seems fairly obvious to me, Don't know why Brad is having trouble figuring it out?

This story of her new-found excitement over life NOW is to be continued and, again, I’m making no claims, just reporting a bit of joy.

What’s this got to do with practicality? Excuse me but Brad Cullen simply has no practical answers for you. I’m the guy who for many years has written about “secrets,” “keys,” “laws” and “steps to acquiring more faith for living excited” – my only claim now is that I don’t know squat, but I’m closely connected to our SPIRIT-PARENT who knows everything from beginning to end.

I can only share that I continue to do the thing I’ve been chosen to do …and that is share with you that all things are possible to any individual who believes enough …and the way I overcome my own tendency to not believe enough is to keep on knocking and demanding to have yet more faith, to have yet more sense of our SPIRIT-PARENT’s presence and power for each individual situation UNTIL it happens and I keep getting to see more and more people come into this glorious assurance of living in the kingdom of heaven NOW – this is the 4th Dimension! (for me).

All Aboard for those who want to come aboard!

To be continued? Or the end … it all depends upon what?

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