Which GOD is the SOURCE of Spiritual Healing?

An Irrational Thought …According to Whom?

Part I

Brad Cullen

My purpose on this website is to help people get past limiting and irrational beliefs …irrational not as adjudged according to the value system of any human being, including that of yours truly, but irrational as measured according to what they get directly from the SOURCE.  In a recent post, May 10th How Are you Dealing with Spiritual Contradiction and Conflict? I engaged in a bit of Socratic teaching persuasion, that is, I made a statement immediately followed by a question:

“If there is an ultimate SOURCE of spiritual healing and healing power, we need to get beyond (transcend) any limiting beliefs and other obstacles and move forward in and under the direction of that SOURCE. How do we do that?”

In my, albeit limited, experience people don’t get to the point they can receive healing power and spiritual healing until they are able to get beyond such ruts in their thinking. There is a proverb that comes to mind, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” One Hebrew translator insists that what Solomon was actually saying was that the Lord will straighten the deep ruts caused by misunderstanding. Our mental habits get us into all kinds of difficulty which stifles healing power and spiritual healing (or some mental healing system if that is your preference).

It's always easier to travel in the Ruts.

What we believe can create a plethora of obstacles to the healing process. What we believe can also overcome obstacles to receiving healing power and spiritual healing. What the medical profession refers to as the placebo effect certainly proves this thesis. Sometimes a pill made out of sugar and nothing more has an even more powerful healing effect than the “real thing” because people believe that they are taking the real thing.

My favorite example on both sides of the equation about belief or unbelief is the difference between the years 1953 and 1954 …yes (unless you are new to this website), I know you have heard it before, but that doesn’t make it any less true and it doesn’t make it any less worth hearing, again.

It is not an overstatement to say that in 1953 almost everyone believed in something as being totally true. That belief was that no ordinary human being could or would ever be able to run a mile in under four minutes. Why were people in such a state of abject ignorance? …the answer is simply because nobody had ever done it before in all of recorded history.  In 1954 Roger Bannister the English runner, who went on to become a neurosurgeon, was clocked at running a mile in under four minutes!

Since 1954 …thousands of ordinary people have done it and continue to do it each year. What is the difference? They believe they can. Now hear this, I believe they can. I don’t believe I can, only because I am unwilling (that is, I lack sufficient desire and motivation) to expend the energy necessary to train for it …mentally or physically. PLEASE NOTE: We’ve just added a dimension to believe enough – that is, desire it enough. These are the two components of what we call results-getting-faith; that is, desire and belief which work in concert …together in synergy.

Back to healing power and spiritual healing …believing enough and desiring enough to access the SOURCE opens the door to healing power and spiritual healing for many thousands of people every day. Those who neither believe enough nor have sufficient desire to acquire the power to heal others or to be spiritually healed is possible don’t and won’t go to the SOURCE. They are guilty of pertinacity …the act of holding onto an opinion in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Get over it! How? I know the following will help some of you get past a peculiar mental/spiritual rut …are YOU ready to move on from a ridiculous belief system that only gets in the way of accessing the SOURCE for anything, but especially healing power and spiritual healing. Some of you are holding onto this belief system out of fear, what belief system and out of fear of what?

What are you afraid of?

A spirit of fear doesn’t come from the SOURCE. Rather the SOURCE provides the mind of Christ (by whatever other title or name). One writer in the Bible clearly expresses this.

Why do I insist upon calling Who/What some of you prefer that I call “God,” the SOURCE? I do it only as a means to help YOU break out of an irrational belief system that is hindering you from being an instrument of healing power and/or receiving spiritual healing … either and both come from the same SOURCE. Yes, some of you wish I used the term God rather than the SOURCE, because the name (G.O.D.) brings you all kinds of fuzzy, warm feelings, which may be your biggest obstacle to receiving healing power and/or spiritual healing …or anything else of note from the spiritual realm.

Well, let me gently, but firmly shake up some preconceived notions that may just have no bearing whatsoever on TRUTH. Are you ready? First, a little review: Are you willing to believe that thousands of people have actually ran a mile in under four minutes since the barrier was broken? Well then, surely you will be able to believe what I am about to say …and it is the truth, the absolute TRUTH; and which anyone can negate simply by believing that it is NOT the truth.

Doesn’t this help us begin to see just how powerful both belief and its counterpart, unbelief really are? THINK about thisjust by believing something is NOT true, you render it as false. A bit powerful, are our minds, wouldn’t you say?

A simple question that will help you break through into a new consciousness that will open the door to wisdom, healing power and spiritual healing far beyond your current wildest imagination …and that all from the SPIRIT-part of the SOURCE is coming up in Which God? An Irrational Thought …According to Whom? Part II

…stay tuned.

In Freedom,


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