What’s So Strange About THE Truth (Being Jesus Part XIX)

That Strange Thing About THE Truth

(Being Jesus Part XIX)

What we ultimately have to face is that there is truth …and then there is truth. Which truth would you prefer to discuss?

A perfect example is this out of an e-mail I just now opened from a woman in Kentucky:

“I have been somewhat confused by truth and your book has helped to make it more confusing. Actually it clarifies the fact that my truth may not be another person’s truth.”

You see, the truth I have been sent to help people see is the truth modified by the perspective with which they recognize it when they face it.

Let’s get to a bottom line quickly. There’s truth and then there is the “moment of truth” and it is apropos for this very moment, because we are in the middle of a series that is rather violently stirring a pot for some folks …Being Jesus.

In the Bible you will find two seemingly disparate statements that issued forth out of the mouth of Jesus. “I am the way the truth and the life, no man can approach the Father except by me.” Now that, many Christians will exclaim, is the immutable truth. Is it now?

Oil on Canvas by Ann Kim

Did His body cry out or His Spirit?

The other statement might give some of us pause; a moment of painful truth for Jesus: “Father, why have you forsaken me,” that, according to one particular writer, who also quoted the former statement, issued forth just an instant prior to Jesus’ death.

Talk about truth modified by perspective! That particular quote evokes so many different doctrines about Jesus that are enough to bury any attempt to find another kind of truth …objective truth. It all depends upon your particular, or perhaps better stated, peculiar, brand of Christianity.

Here is where I get under everybody’s skin, ready or not – your view, whatever it may be, is just plain irrelevant – in fact, laughable. I hear the tortured cry, “how can you say something so terrible?” Uh (or perhaps, duh) …because it is the truth?

Sacrilege? Blasphemy? How can it be anything else? …since I am stepping on everyone’s idea of what religiously constitutes the truth.

You will notice, I hope, that I do not put my peculiar understanding on the apparent disparity between these two statements this, particular Gospel writer felt obliged to report. Why not? …you may be thinking …and my simple answer is because my view is just as irrelevant to ultimate truth as anyone else’s view (period).

A discussion I would love to have with anyone is why I am not threatened by the seeming disparity …my claim, you see, is I AM given to write this and I AM also given to tell you that what I AM writing, here and now, in no way affects the truth as seen by the ultimate Judge of all truth.

Don’t you just love this truth, now really? Or is it irrelevant? I don’t happen to think so, but that is hardly relevant to what you think.

Podcast 81 The Strange thing about Truth

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