Tapping Into The SOURCE (Being Jesus Part XVIII)

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Tapping Into The SOURCE

(Being Jesus Part XVIII)

There are always, at the very least, several other ways to accomplish anything …unless the “God” we have manufactured declares it impossible or “wrong” to even consider doing it another way.

Now (that that’s settled) all we have to consider is that another way might even be a “better” way …at least from somebody else’s perspective.

There are five things with which this kind of thinking will help us. One is solving problems. Two is realizing that there wasn’t a problem in the first place. Three is to help us find a “God” that loves us both when we disagree over minutia. Four is discovering whether something is really important (or just more minutia). Five is to realize that if I stay within these artificial (and arbitrary) five “rules” I have greatly limited my potential.

Just remember: The SOURCE (that which has neither been concocted nor understood by a human brain) knows all kinds of possibilities we haven’t even begun to consider. The only question I need ask is how I best can tap into the SOURCE to find the better path for me to follow (for me).

For this question to get results it is best to bypass all expert opinion and go directly to the SOURCE.

Why stop short? There are marvelous solutions for every conceivable problem when I know Whom to ask and how to ask in a way that will get me the best possible answer for me for this moment (which probably won’t be the best possible answer tomorrow).

Podcast 79 Being Jesus Tapping into the Source

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