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Volunteers wanted!

As a pilot project in the U.S. (only) we are asking for volunteers to start small (maximum eight persons) group discussions using as a medium, The Unrecognized You Discovered, What Now? If you wish to volunteer please send an e-mail to brad@spiritualhealingsource.com.

We will provide 8 free (as long as finances permit) copies of the book printed and bound by Createspace, the distributor/printer Division of Amazon.com (post paid) of the book to anyone wanting to start a small discussion group. Copyright by the publisher: Spiritual Healing Source, Burnaby, B.C., Canada – all rights reserved.

For a preview of the book, go to www.spiritualhealingsource.com, click on the “Books” tab at the top menu bar.

All we ask in exchange for the eight free books, (accompanied by the following printed on a single 8 ½ X 11 sheet) is that you report weekly about your experiences and progress by e-mail to: ryan@spiritualhealingsource.com. We would like to post your feedback on the website (with names withheld if people prefer privacy).

Small Group Adventure with the Real Author

The Unrecognized You Discovered

What Now?

By Brad Cullen

The following is merely a suggestion …this is your group, the materials are provided freely, as long as finances permit:

Everyone please read:

Brad Cullen is a pseudonym …his contention is that, while with the book he is sharing some personal experiences, the Real Author is whom he refers to as our SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE. This little book has been given the credit for bringing physical and spiritual healing to many people, literally all over the world.

The keys to a successful group have one common and important dynamic and distinction. Everyone in the group is committed to show up prepared by our SPIRIT-PARENT to allow SPIRIT-PARENT to be the only Leader/Teacher/Facilitator – the rest of us are co-learners.

If each of us keeps the following in mind it will help facilitate a meaningful and rewarding experience for all participants:

1. Listen carefully to whoever is sharing with courtesy and respect – ask (quietly) if and how you are to respond to anything said. Helpful hint: If you sense an urgency to “correct” the views you are hearing, the best advice is to ask (quietly) what to do with the urge. Maybe the idea to which you are reacting is something you need to look at from the perspective of the one sharing it – let any correction come from/through someone else. You will be thrilled at what you hear and learn.

2. There is no “set” or “right” way to have a small group discussion. It will be modified by those involved; and if each of us is fully committed to being a co-learner guided and led by the REAL Leader, we can all walk away empowered by our SPIRIT-PARENT above and beyond our greatest expectations.

3. There are many ways to proceed. Some groups decide to not read the book ahead of time, but to have anyone who feels “led” or “prompted” to read a page aloud, beginning with the Introduction and pausing at the end of each page to discuss whatever comes to mind. Other groups agree to read a section of the book during the interval away from each other and come to each weekly session ready to discuss what they have read and whatever thoughts it evoked. Others may want everyone to bring notes of what came to them while they were reading alone. Others agree on some combination …the only constant rule is for each participant to ask (quietly) and discuss openly with mutual respect.  You choose – it’s your group.

If this is for you, please send an email to brad@spiritualhealingsource.com.  We will ask for guidance and then let you know who the volunteer is, hand picked by Source.

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