Who’s Move Is It?

Who’s Move?

Want to play, it's you're move and your white.

The answer to the title question may involve several other questions; first, of course, what is the game that is being played and what are the rules which determine what player’s turn; which player made the last move and so on. The foremost question is, are you in or out of the game? Do you want to just watch or do you want to play?

For several years I have been writing books and articles in which I have shared how I arrived at the place of being able to wield healing power and spiritual healing on behalf of others.

Let’s start this off with a basic question: Does God, by whatever other title or name, (bwoton) heal physical maladies? For some, we need to make the question even narrower, that is, can God (bwoton), by some supernatural means, heal physical conditions determined and declared by the medical profession to be incurable?

If you’ve been reading my stuff for very long, you know my answer is a not quite unequivocal yes! Why, you may ask, is it not unequivocally yes? Because we may be looking at healing power, spiritual healing and supernatural all from different perspectives which make communication challenging at best.

In a book you can download free on this website or at Gary Sigler’s “Kingdom Resources” and also Sunny Coffman’s “Lighthouse Library,” Treasure Chest, wherein I recounted several healings that I witnessed and was involved personally. The reason that I describe it this way, that is, “witnessed and was involved” is that these all took place outside the normal confines of any healing methodology and, therefore, you may wish to describe them as being supernatural. Were they? Or is something else at work here?

You shall be healed in the name of GAAAWWWDDD!!!!

Before going any further, this article is going to delve into a phenomenon that is difficult to express convincingly, or otherwise. I am not a healer, yet when I get involved some people get healed. What is my method? Check in with the SOURCE and just follow our SPIRIT-PARENT’S lead, which can be to do nothing… which flies in the face of those who lay out certain rules for “faith healing.”

I have had the privilege of working closely with those with letter designations after their names such as, M.D., D.O., D.C., N.P., etc., all indicating doctorates of varying fields of medical practice. One of my favorite true stories is about the rather famous back surgeon, an Osteopath, who began to refer patients to me, because of a patient who had severe scoliosis… curvature of the spine, a patient whom he had informed that the only cure for her particular case was surgery.

We were walking through the clinic he and his brother, an M.D. and noted cardiologist, operated in the Southwestern U.S. …he stopped at a glass-covered, X-ray display panel, which he and his brother kept permanently lighted as a means to display what they both clearly considered a miracle; the before and after X-rays of the above referenced patient who’d been healed of scoliosis. “You tell me that’s not a miracle,” he said, tapping on the glass with the back of his hand.

Is this the cause of scoliosis?

How did this healing come about? A healing of the condition about which the woman’s primary care physicians and surgeons had said her only hope was surgery on her spine. Are you ready for this? I’ve asked the SOURCE, our SPIRIT-PARENT if I should even recount this story here and now. I get a resounding YES! Well, Daddy, make use of it for your purposes, because a lot of people tend to turn this off.

The answer to the opening question in the immediate foregoing paragraph is that the healing came about after I had cast out the spirit causing the problem in her. Oh, oh, is it your move? Your move is to instead of rejecting the notion for whatever reason is to go to our SPIRIT-PARENT and begin telling him to get rid of your unbelief. I believe that some of you have been led to this article, at this particular moment, for exactly that purpose. To begin opening your minds to things some refer to as “miracles” or “supernatural” …but are just as natural (and potentially dangerous) as stepping off a curb.

All I am supposed to say right now is that anyone can play this game, but you’d better know the rules and you’d better make your moves only at the instruction of the Coach.

In Freedom,


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