The Roadmap to I AM Consciousness and Ultimate Faith

Brad Cullen

Where Do I Start, Daddy?

The answer is hidden in the question …I had already began, simply by coming to Him.

I’m writing a brand new book and I can’t even entice my publisher to tell me to send him the first couple of chapters. I’ve asked obliquely, I’ve cajoled directly, I’ve tried all my well worn methods of manipulation …all to no effect. Grumbling to him about it was my last volley – to which he merely told me to stop whining.

Why on earth did I bring that up Daddy? Again, I immediately get the answer to my question – and went on to ask, “Is it important, Daddy?”

I’m not supposed to write the title to the new book in this little treatise, but to copy the brief introduction in its entirety …here goes:


Ryan keeps rejecting my new book? Why....boohoo. Maybe it's that monkey on his back?

This book can be the Roadmap to I AM Consciousness and ultimate faith, if you are open to it becoming that for you.

Becoming one with the Creator of the Universe …if you have ever struggled trying to understand Jesus’ words, “I and the Father are one” …and “before there was an Abraham, I AM,” struggle no longer, as this book will be your breakthrough into complete understanding, knowing …and just


…and away we go!

Dad just now brought me back to what he had given me yesterday to put into the book. I awakened yesterday at 3:00 a.m. asking Him my customary, “what now” and, because I didn’t feel connected and, therefore, began going through what I admit is a religious ritual (gag and gasp), but since it does get the desired result which is knowing that I AM connected, I continue doing it (lest you forget It is everyone else’s religious rituals and traditions that I rail against, not my own).

Now, he tells me to stop getting off the track and just share what he had reminded me about and instructed to put it into the new book.

Dateline: February, 1983 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. I’ve been fasting for about two weeks, ingesting nothing but purified water (period). I had just begun getting a glimpse of what it meant to be “one with the Father” in the sense of Jesus’ words and my own application of, “before there was an Abraham,” which is (my own application), “Before there was anything, I AM!”

If you’ve ever gone without food for relatively long periods, you already know there is a tendency to hallucinate. Some people believe the descriptions in the Gospels about Jesus’ 40 day fast, particularly regarding his conversations with Satan, were a product of a fast-induced hallucination, were they?

My only comment related to that is, perhaps and if that is possible – so what?

Is the water in the jar, still part of the ocean?

Anyhow, with the consciousness about the “dangers” of possible hallucination, it has always driven me to cry out for more of a sensing His presence and to be protected from thinking “crazy” thoughts, including my own preconceived ideas not born in our SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE, whom I refer to (part of my religious proclivity) as “Daddy.”

So, anyway, I get this picture in my mind of walking across the street to the beach and filling an empty glass jar with seawater. After checking in with Dad and making sure that I wasn’t “going crackers” (to use publisher and webmaster, Ryan Bruce’s humorous terminology) I did what I felt I was being led to do.

I brought the quart jar back and placed it on the kitchen table. I wrote a short story in which the jar began saying, “I contain the Pacific Ocean,” and soon graduated to saying “I am the Pacific Ocean.”

What I saw was that the chemical composition of the seawater had not changed, but that the molecular structure of the water had been altered due to the temperature variation. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but was assured by a chemical engineer acquaintance, at the time, that it was a valid statement, with scientific basis, but then maybe he was crackers, eh?

A couple of days later, still fasting, I felt led to walk back over to the beach and empty the jar back into the bay – I saw that the water was being immediately absorbed into and becoming again, and indeed, an integral part of the the Pacific Ocean, and in no way distinct from it.

Our Friend and SPIRIT-PARENT says: “NOW!”

“Now, what?” I ask.

“Insert the excerpt from the book” …so here it is:

In the next chapter we are going to look at two passages in the Bible, one from the Old Testament and one from the New and then we are going to move on beyond the Bible into your own consciousness of being ONE with the SOURCE, the Creator of the universe and everything in it. Here and now, however, we are just going to concentrate – focus – on the fact that in order to get over the final hurdle you have to get beyond all your previous thinking …whatever the source.

This isn’t an ambitious project; this is beyond all human ambition for anything; you are merely going to step into the abyss of utter beauty and consciousness of oneness, unity, with I AM.

How do you get there from here? Well, the answer to that is in the question where is “here?” …because you are most likely in that place of limited beliefs called religion or its close cousin, anti-religion, actually two sides of the same coin.

Get over it! Freedom from the bondage of religion began, for me, when I realized I could no longer be identified as a Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim (in alphabetical order) or member of any other religion when I became aware that Christianity, is a focus on a system of thinking about Jesus Christ and what he purportedly did and said. What Jesus said was to become him …how on earth do you do that?

Who is the real you and where are you?

I am suggesting that a first step for you is to not only stop identifying with any religion, including, but especially Christianity and stop identifying yourself by the body-bag you occupy or any of the things it does. If you follow the writings and podcasts posted at you know that I place a lot of significance on the fact that Jesus was recorded as having said that anyone who believed enough would be who he was as a man and do what he did while he was a man

…AND that he claimed that it wasn’t him (Jesus) who performed the miracles, including healing diverse diseases, and the words that he spoke, but rather the SPIRIT-PARENT SOURCE who lived and operated in him did the “works” and spoke the words.

Let this permeate your being as a beginning: The imitation of Christ is a shadow of reality just as talking about Jesus and/or what he did is a shadow of reality.

Therefore, being who Jesus was and doing what he did requires a metamorphosis that cannot be explained in the very same way that scientists cannot explain the metamorphosis of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We know it happens and we can even witness the results of the process, but it simply can neither be explained nor can it be understood in any meaningful terms other than it happens …it is what it is.

The metamorphosis of you becoming Jesus and doing what he did is quite simple, actually, you become aware that Jesus did nothing and therefore you can do nothing …it is the SPIRIT-PARENT in you and with whom you are an integral part and, therefore, human “ministry” is silly and nothing more than a shadow of reality.

Get over it! Now then, how do we apply the lesson of the Pacific Ocean and the glass jar? There’s a correlation …let’s see if Brad and Ryan shed some light on it in this recorded telephone conversation.

Podcast 58 February 10, The Roadmap pt 1 a

Podcast 58 February 10, The Roadmap pt 1 b

In Freedom,


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