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From several E-mails I have received over the last few days, I feel a need to have a bit of review about from whence I cometh. Here is a sample with my notes in brackets:

This isn't the email Brad wanted to show you the real one is below.

“Dear Brad, I’ve been so happy that you are writing again, [I’ve never stopped] and your association with spiritual healing source as well as your podcasts with Ryan Bruce are purely marvelous, that is, until this anti-aging tear you and he have gone on. Frankly I’ve tuned it out for several posts. I’m anxiously waiting for you to get back to your usual thoughtful and spiritual insights” in the kind of leading you had in writing Leapfrog and Treasure Chest and your 21 Day Challenge.

She went on to explain what, in particular, she objected to – which, strangely enough, was totally different than each of the other 14 who were not overly enamored (to say the least) with our Reversing the Aging Process series just completed. I personally answered each one of these thanking them for being kind enough to “voice” their objections and responded to each …now I feel the need to clear the air for those of you who did not write, but tuned out as well.

The crux of the matter is that I do not write to please a general audience. I ask the SOURCE of everything, “What Now,”* before I write anything and Ryan Bruce, the CEO of the publishing company which publishes Brad Cullen books and webmaster of this site, always confirms that he is supposed to post it before doing so.

I am always disappointed by losing “audience,” but if whatever we are getting, is not of what you are supposed to be a part, which is between you and the SOURCE and I certainly respect your relationship with our SPIRIT-PARENT and that it may well be quite different from ours.

Have you tuned out, or is the program over.

Ryan and I are convinced that we are called to this purpose together and want only the will of your and our SPIRIT-PARENT and fully aware that your purpose may be to avoid what we are doing. We only ask that YOU ask what you should do with what we do.

*The subtitle of my latest book, The Unrecognized You, Discovered, available to download FREE from this website and affiliates, and also available in paperback from the publisher at its actual cost of printing.

Several of you, via the referenced E-mails, actually said you would like to see us get back to the kinds of things I dealt with in Leapfrog.

I’ve just been asking our SPIRIT-PARENT, “what now”, and was directed to my copy of Leapfrog and a bright-light signal shone on several passages, one in particular was about the out-of-body experiences of two characters in the book and the fact that one of them backed up the experience with a scriptural reference.

What now Brad Cullen, is it clear?

What is the reason for this passage? I asked, after seeing how outlandish it seemed and the fact that defensively I wanted to point out that “out-of-body travel” is a seeming occult practice appearing to be far more bizarre, at least in my mind, than Ryan’s and my penchant for the “anti-aging tear” as the above referenced E-mail stated we’ve been on.

Here is what I was shown …to not be defensive (as I’ve just admitted to being) but rather point out something stated over and over in Leapfrog and that is, that the “walk in the Spirit” is an individual experience open to everyone who will pursue our SPIRIT-PARENT until they have their breakthrough.

Ryan and I have been led down this path of reversing the process of aging and it has had a significant impact upon us both. The reason for sharing it is clear to Ryan in one way and I see it in another light.

Both views are okay for us, but your view, whoever you are, is just as valuable. Please ask our Daddy if you should share it and by all means do so if He gives you the freedom. Make a comment on the site or write an e-mail to: or and many blessings upon you in your travels if you are being led away from this website, or welcome to our world, if you are led to hang around. We love you either way.

Now then, if Ryan gets the green light from Dad to post this, listen up to where and how we are led to discuss it. Also find out if Brad will be running a marathon!  Podcast 55 Jan 24 2011 Reversing the Aging Process conclusion

In Freedom,


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