Reversing the Process of Aging

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Part One…the alternatives

When we consider the process of aging, that is, us, getting older …what immediately comes to mind is the traditionally thought about (and religiously ordained) alternative to the process. Are there additional alternatives? YES, if we are willing to accept them.

But first, we had better take a look at why it is so difficult to accept other alternatives …the parenthetical “religiously ordained” is the key. Science has begun to rattle our cages about being able to extend physical life in proportions we have not previously thought possible, through a variety of rather interesting methodologies and maintaining perfect health while doing so.

Some religious teachers resist the notion based on their perceptions of certain scriptural passages.

I have a new friend, retired from two successful careers; teaching and being an entrepreneur. He is in the process of reading Unlocking Your Treasure Chest and was telling Eve about the aftermath of a serious automobile accident, several years ago, from which he sustained severe injuries that kept him from sleeping more than an hour and from sitting more than forty minutes at a time.

“After two years of suffering” he said, “I finally told God, ‘I can’t take this anymore, please take me home.’ Within two days,” he continued, “the pain was completely gone.”

On this website we talk about alternatives to what we describe as healing power and spiritual healing, but this is something brand new, at least to me. Bob was praying for death and, instead, received healing. I LOVE IT!

What is Suffering?

“Whatever works” is one motto of mine, but I want to point out something by asking, “whatever works,” toward what? Let us remember that, from one religious point of view, God wasn’t ready to take Bob “home” just yet. That’s a nice pat answer, but are we ready to look at another perspective; a perspective that could give us a wide sweeping vista into something which those who hold to the view that “God wasn’t ready to take him home yet,” refuse to look at and to which we might want to respond, which God is that?

Before we go down that path (asking to which God they might be referring, Jesus did say, after all, that there were two; the small “g” god of the physical realm and the capital “G” God of the Spirit realm. These two beings he also referred to differently as “fathers” …in the same order, “the father of lies” and “the Father of truth and light”). Please carefully digest the elongated sentence between the immediately preceding parens, so we can move on.

Bob prayed to the “Father of Light” for what some assume means physical death, but he didn’t die …is there a deep and wonderful truth contained in his prayer and the resultant cure within only two days? A discussion of that exciting prospect will begin in part two …that’s up next, that is, if Ryan agrees to post this article and talk to me about it for one of our podcasts.

Now then, are we ready for the first step to believing there are alternatives to both aging and death? I suggest that some of us may want to put aside some of our religious programming and prejudices before we can take the prescribed “first step.”

Go ahead take the first step.

Go ahead take the first step.

Please consider that as soon as we make a doctrine, that is, a supposedly sacred belief system out of one little bit of truth which we’ve been programmed to believe is immutable in one situation; we may want to remember that this truth may be and probably is false in a different situation. Just like we discovered in our series about some of the crazy math that works in quantum mechanics, but doesn’t work in classic physics …they simply BOTH prove things that are “true” in one system, but not the other.

Those who worship a “new” scientific finding need only open their eyes to a whole new paradigm brought about by newer research data and experiment compiled fifty years later to realize that the truth, about which they held such excitement, is now replaced by a new truth.

Religious “truth” is even more difficult to dislodge from our mental processes. Once we label something as “sacred,” woe is it unto the person who raises a question about it. How I love to participate in such an activity. Are you ready to join me in asking, are death, taxes and aging really as inescapable as we’ve been programmed to believe? …or, are there beautiful alternatives possible that merely considering them, at least as possibilities, will bring new, beautiful and longer life to many.

The foregoing paragraph is what this series is going to be all about …if Ryan Bruce, the publisher and webmaster of Brad Cullen books and articles agrees to post it …and, if he does, please listen to the accompanying podcast Podcast 45 Dec 9, 2010 Reverse the Process of Aging to hear how he attempts to bring about correction to any of my ideas he considers wayward or nutty. One of us will be straightened out to be sure.

In Freedom,


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