The Unrecognized You …Discovered – What Now?

Excerpt #3 From the book:

The Unrecognized YOU …Discovered


“In a world of change, the learner will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”  -San Francisco longshoreman/philosopher, Eric Hoffer-

In looking for something I had written in the book to provide Ryan Bruce with fodder for a recorded telephone conversation (he asked me to send him another excerpt from the book) – I was attracted once again to this quote (above) that I inserted at the very end of the book; and which had been sent to me several months ago by the college professor who also wrote the foreword to the book. In fact, I just remembered …it was this quote that triggered me into asking him to do so.

The professor, on my very short list of very close friends, and I have grown in faith (NOT in “the faith”) together for almost 40 years, continues to have a profound effect on my life by continually exhorting me to honesty and truth and gently, yet forcefully, he calls me on specifics when my proclivity to being judgmental overtakes me …Dad has used him mightily (and often) to set me straight about any number of things.

Here’s the final paragraph of his foreword:

“Instead of getting instructions from our brain, from books, from biases of religious practices, we can go directly to the Source. Now that’s radical! When unplugged from the Source, that becomes a description of sin. Not as we were intended to live, but not a shame-based description of sin, this book points a healthy direction of keeping connected to the Source. It’s fun, it’s learning, it’s life, it’s healing, it’s hope, it’s nonjudgmental, it’s freeing, it’s Truth. Read with all your might!”

These are both excerpts from the book …why these instead of something I wrote personally? Because, of all men, I am guilty of being “learned” instead of “learning,” at times, and at the realization that Eric Hoffer’s words described me – I felt compelled to admit it. Then looking for some relief from self condemnation, I found my friend’s words were soothing and, since he does, after all, teach a course on creative writing and has been for forty some years and still is a highly respected college professor and writer in his own right …well, what the heck, it is somewhat of an expert’s opinion, as to the value of the book, right?

Let’s see if Ryan Bruce even posts this and (if so) …then what he digs out of me in an accompanying recorded phone conversation.  Listen to Brad and Ryan have some fun with this one! Podcast 43 Nov 30 2010 Excerpt 3

In Freedom


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