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Excerpt #2

Brad Cullen

If this website is a brand new experience for you, please scroll down and read the immediately preceding post, which contains the first excerpt, and listen to the accompanying podcast (#41) then come back and start here. Otherwise …you have already been appropriately prepared for the second excerpt from “The Unrecognized You …Discovered – What Now?”

Hopefully this second excerpt will be just another reason for you to take advantage of Ryan’s fantastic offer to download the book and pay whatever you like, including nothing???

…and away we go:

Let’s ask another question: Is what is in this book, so far, true for you? How about partially true? That is, are some things true for you and other things NOT true for you?

What is your basis for accepting some of it as truth? What is your basis for refusing to accept other parts of it as truth?

Let’s shift gears and ask, what is happening right now within the framework of the foregoing questions? You are being asked, basically, what your opinion is of what you’ve read so far, on one simple basis: Is it true for you?

The objective truth is that it doesn’t matter! It is only your opinion about my opinions …now that we’re up to intermediate speed let’s begin shifting gears again.

Prayer changes things...Every Prayer.

We’ve all heard (or seen) the phrase, “Prayer changes things.” Is that true? If your immediate mental process said either “yes” or “no,” are you not caught in an emotionally charged mindset – an opinion?

Let’s play with this thought and see just how easily we are led down the same path into delusion and deception, in the same way as the first couple were seduced into “original sin,” that is, missing SPIRIT, the SOURCE.

In Chapter Six, I reminded you that, “my purpose in life is to be in complete harmony with the SOURCE of everything.” What does this have to do with “Prayer” and, further, whether you think that prayer changes things?

Hold on, we’re shifting into overdrive. There was a point in my life that I felt oppressed and that the cause was spiritual. I asked SPIRIT and was shown clearly that the cause was someone praying for me! Which gave proof, to me at least, that prayer does, indeed, change things, but perhaps not always for the better.

Are you sure you should be praying for that?

I was shown who was praying for me and what to do about it. I confronted her, not unkindly, but by merely asking if she had been praying for me.

“Oh yes,” she gushed, “I’ve been praying that God would show you that you are to start a new church and be its pastor.”

I told her gently, but firmly, that was exactly what I had been told not to do and, therefore, her praying was causing conflict and chaos. I got her to agree to continue praying for me, but to pray ONLY that I would listen, hear and obey (in her terms) the Holy Spirit, alone.

The feeling of oppression lifted almost immediately. I came away from this incident with the conclusion that prayer can, indeed, be dangerous!

SPIRIT has shown me many things, one of which that “He” honors our choices.

Therefore, when people feel the urge to pray for another person with the intention of a “good” outcome they need to make sure they are not praying from the basis of their own agenda, based on their own choices made from their own limited perspective.

All their “good” intentions may indeed be paving a road to some hellish circumstances.

The general rule I have adopted for me, in that regard, is to first ask the person how or what they would like me to pray for them.

Have I gone too far afield? That depends upon your choice and your perspective. My agenda is tied to my life’s purpose which is to be in complete harmony with the ultimate SOURCE, the SPIRIT (period).

Not everyone has the same agenda!

NOW HEAR THIS (please) – this does not at all preclude you from having a totally different agenda given by the same SOURCE.

How is this possible? With the SOURCE all things are possible – it is just extremely difficult to get our minds around the concept.

Now you get to listen to how Ryan Bruce picks this (excerpt #2) apart to find out what on earth I was thinking while transcribing this particular section, [LINK] by clicking here – Podcast 42 …he’ll probably ask why I selected this particular place in the book to quote …let’s see if I become defensive with his probes, or if he simply gets me to give him straight-forward answers. After the previous podcast, he indicated a bit of disappointment that I declined to answer a couple of his questions.

Did you have a reaction to my refusal to answer those questions he asked (in podcast 41)?

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This one will knock your socks off, listen here: Podcast 42 Novemeber 27 2010 Exerpt 2

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