What is God’s Will? Why Not Both? part II

Brad Cullen

Brad Cullen

So, this is God’s Will?

Wouldn’t life be far simpler if each of us knew… without a shadow of a doubt… just what God’s will is for each of our individual lives? The question, when it gets down to the specifics, is rich and also rife with all kinds of opinions. Most of the opinions expressed are based in religious tradition… and have little to do with reality in the spirit (unseen) realm.

This is a follow-up on the immediately preceding post and brings us to the point of, again, reviewing Einstein’s remarks about fundamental concepts.

“The scientist makes use of a whole arsenal of concepts which he imbibed practically with his mother’s milk; and seldom if ever is he aware of the eternally problematic character of his concepts. He uses this conceptual material, or, speaking more exactly, these conceptual tools of thought, as something obviously, immutably given something having an objective value of truth, which is hardly even, and in any case not seriously, to be doubted.

“In the interests of science it is necessary over and over again to engage in the critique of these fundamental concepts, in order that we may not unconsciously be ruled by them.”

What are our not so scientific, but just as fundamental concepts about healing power and spiritual healing? …and here is a classic for instance, in the form of a question, is it God’s will for anyone to be healed? The two words traditionally translated into English as “will” (and that tradition has been strongly influenced by the King James Version translators), literally mean “desires and purposes.” What are the ultimate SOURCE’s desires and purposes as they relate to you and me individually?

Here is a true story that will bring into sharp focus some drastically differing opinions related to the subject. A business associate who also became a close friend and confidante, Larry, related a situation to me about a teenage girl that was a member of the church he attended at the time. She was dying of cancer.

Larry told me that some of the people in the church were praying that she die quickly so as to “escape the pain and go home to be with the Lord.” I asked Larry if he really thought it was God’s will for Briana to die from the disease …and, therefore, was praying for her quick death a “good” prayer?

I would have to say that the question prompted the beginning of a process in Larry that dramatically changed the way he thinks about a number of issues, particularly healing power and spiritual healing – and “God’s will related to both …PLUS it opened him to be rid of a debilitating back disorder, a life threatening heart problem and high blood pressure …all gone via spiritual healing. For a time, Larry tried to bring the message of spiritual healing to that church.

Certainly, we can get a little light from Jesus’ example in the Garden at Gethsemane – where he was at the depths of his humanity and knew it was time for him to die… one writer depicted his anguish as being so great as to cause him to sweat “great drops of blood.” He cried out, “take this cup from me, but nevertheless, Your will be done, not mine.”

Jesus had already known that dying, sacrificially, was his purpose – he had clearly said it to his disciples on more than one occasion; when he came face to face with the reality, however…it was not a pleasant thing.

Back to Briana …was her death ordained by God? Or, rather, was it the one whom Jesus referred to as having the “sole purpose to kill and destroy” who willed her death and got away with it? Now, at the time, I sensed clearly that it was the latter. I can also attest that Briana went out in a “blaze of glory.” God turned what looked like defeat into something beautiful. But “God is not a God of the dead, but of the living.”

Larry and I are both convinced that it was God’s will that she should have lived. But she had a choice, and given the circumstances, aided by family and fellow church members embracing a fundamental concept the choice was death …even though God did make it into something that was useful for his desires and purposes (at least from Larry’s and my perspective). Is it possible that the ultimate desires and purposes of the SOURCE were that Briana lived a complete, fruitful and beautiful life according to His purposes? It is a fundamental concept either way; one in which only the SOURCE can provide the correct answer. We’ll get to why this is true next time.

For now, generally speaking, does God put disease on people as a means to take them home to be with Him? Religious people are divided on the issue. If we change the question our fundamental concept might seem to change. Did God allow her death? Ah… many people will jump on that bandwagon… yeah… Briana was “allowed” to have a painful death in order to go home! Shall we critique, or bring this thesis into question as well? Or did an unseen enemy pull a trick and get more people to blame it on God?

If it was the trick of an unseen enemy and people were fervently praying for her rapid demise to put her out of her misery… who won? Who was aiding and abetting the enemy with their “praying?” Moreover why are these same folks who prayed so passionately for Briana’s death also so violently against abortion? Think about it.

Let’s back up a bit and take a look at some of the healings that took place around Jesus… Jesus did not pray… “Oh, God, if it be Thy will, heal so and so.” Nowhere will you see such a prayer recorded. Here’s how things worked: He cast out a demon causing some disease or other; he grabbed the hand of Jairus’ daughter and said, “Get up!” …this after kicking out all the people who were already mourning her death. Then we have the record which shows that so often some people just forced their way into his proximity and were healed… to which he merely said, “Your faith healed you.”

Many variables of all the foregoing are recorded in the Bible. Many variables of the foregoing are also being repeated TODAY… but not by people who pray, “Oh, God, if it be Thy will, heal Briana.” Especially when there is a sizable contingent whose prayers are, “Oh, God, take her home quickly to put her out of her misery.” I challenge anyone to give me one example of Jesus praying such a prayer. If Jesus is to be our example, as the Scriptures declare, and if we are going to take his own words seriously, i.e., “Anyone who believes in me will perform the same miracles you have seen me perform and even greater miracles…” then how on earth have we gotten to the point of praying for somebody’s death? Again, why are these same people (then) so opposed to abortion?

Here is the short answer to that question, it is ignorance spawned by religious tradition… a religious tradition without any basis in fact or Scriptural truth, but molded and finely tuned into a fundamental concept.

Do you want to receive spiritual healing? Do you want to live? It’s your choice. Think about it for a moment. Do you want to die? It is your choice. But, if it is your choice, why not put a gun to your head, jump off a tall building or swallow a whole bottle of pills …what are you waiting for? Or will you choose spiritual healing and life? You can choose abundant life in the presence and power of the creative SPIRIT-part of the SOURCE …living out His desires and purposes. If God reveals that His purpose for you is your death… that is between you and God and it is your choice. I would challenge you, however, how dare you “pray” for the death of a fifteen year old girl and believe you are doing the work of God?

Which God? I will come back to this with a brand new piece. Talk about messing with somebody’s fundamental concept! Not now, however.

Most people, unfortunately, when faced with continued misery see death as a relief. I’m thinking of a woman who, when I first asked her if she wanted to live said, “I’m in too much pain.” Her sister exclaimed to her, “But we’ve seen other people receive healing and God can take away the pain.”

I then asked her, “What if you didn’t have the pain, would you want to live then?”

Her response “…Of course I’d want to live, you fool!” Was it funny? I thought it was hilarious. She was healed… a tumor in her stomach so large that it made her appear to be pregnant. Given only days to live… wasted away by cancer. Her stomach went completely flat almost immediately, a vibrant healthy color returned to her face, she’s alive! The precursor to her healing was her stating emphatically that she wanted God’s will no matter what the cost. She was raised up in the power and presence of SPIRIT. Healing power and spiritual healing prevailed. People have a hard time seeing through the confusing maze of choices foisted upon them… and death seems to be a pleasant, beautiful way out, is it? …perhaps …depending on one’s perspective.

Is this God's Will?

Does God allow death? Sure… but He also allows life. Are fundamental concepts getting in the way of your spiritual healing? Perhaps now is the time to learn how to choose healing power, spiritual healing and LIFE!

As Einstein said, “In the interests of science it is necessary over and over again to engage in the critique of these fundamental concepts, in order that we may not unconsciously be ruled by them.”

In the interests of science? …how about in the interests of life? YOUR life!

Next, part III …What are some fundamental concepts which get in the way of being the instrument of healing power and/or receiving spiritual healing and how do we replace them?

In Freedom,

Brad Cullen

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