Integration of the Mind – Part Forty-Four

One Size Fits All …Well Almost

Everything fits with a little hammer helper.

We humans are the darnedest creatures …we’re always running around trying to fix others when we haven’t learned the basics for our own lives. There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of ways to do anything; there are even hundreds of ways that will work perfectly for YOU. YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is a business and personal coaching system that had its birth in the realization of the truth of the foregoing sentence.

The basis of YOU WITHOUT LIMITS is having a coach not merely dedicated, but absolutely committed to one purpose and only one purpose. Helping YOU find what works best for YOU and bringing you to the point that you no longer need a human coach. What that presupposes is that there is a SUPER Coach who is beyond the ability of human imagination to fully comprehend.

What if you don’t believe that such a SUPER, non-human, COACH even exists? That is perfect because it means you can start at the place of being absolutely honest with yourself. The SUPER-COACH doesn’t require that you believe in HER/HIS/ITS existence until you are ready. The SUPER-COACH isn’t bothered or insulted by your unbelief …HE/IT/SHE loves you and wants the best for you just the way you are. Belief, if even necessary, comes as a matter of experience, because you realize something beyond you has brought you to a point of awareness.

Trying to believe in something you don’t/can’t honestly believe in simply increases the resistance to ever believing in anything that seems beyond you. What will help you in this regard, right now, this moment is to allow yourself to believe just that it (whatever “it” is) might be possible. Here is an exercise that may help many people understand. I call it the 1953 – 1954 exercise. In the year 1953 virtually no one believed it was possible for any human being to run a mile in less than four minutes – and nobody in known history ever had. In 1954 Roger Bannister did it after training extensively for the feat.

What else is possible?

Please get this: In an interview with Sports Illustrated Bannister told the reporter that even up until the time he did it, he doubted that it was possible. Here’s the point, however, since that year literally thousands have run a mile in less than four minutes. Because now they believe it is possible and get into training to do it which includes the mental training of visualizing them doing it!

We weren’t born intellectually believing anything and each of us have collected enough limiting beliefs along the path to adulthood that, as they are uncovered, are nothing short of amazing – “How could I have believed in such nonsense!” is how we often express it, when we experience something dramatic, such as being healed of some disease that two or more learned, expert opinions, plus a battery of diagnostic tests have convinced us that the disease is incurable – all the hell of unbelief breaks loose and disappears. We know it is true because we are FREE!

Create your world with the images you desire.

I said it earlier and now it is time to repeat it. Human imagination is powerful beyond our wildest dreams, but is still limited to our ability to believe in it and how well we can apply it …and even those who have a highly developed ability to imagine – that is, get an image in their minds, or yet another way of saying it is the ability to visualize those things that will tend to become true, automatically, are nonetheless limited to their ability to imagine. Let’s see if there is help to bridge the gap.

That bridge is simply to begin to say –over and over- and say it out loud whenever possible, I believe it is possible for me only because I know that there are other people who can do it …and Brad Cullen says that anyone can learn how IF HE OR SHE WANTS BADLY ENOUGH TO PRACTICE A WAY TO DO IT.

No one became a master without practice.

There really is magic in believing, but the magic begins for most people not making a huge jump into believing something that they have been conditioned to believe is impossible. Jesus, whether you want to call him the “only begotten Son of God,” the “Master Teacher,” or any other one of the titles you believe is worthy of respect …what he said and emphatically so, is that nothing is impossible to any individual who believes enough. The context in which he said those words is just as amazing, at least to me:

Talk about possibilities! Most people deny the existence of the thing he got rid of to cure a little boy of epileptic-like seizures. His disciples asked him later how come they had been unable to cast this thing out …he told them plainly and frankly the reason was that they didn’t believe enough. Further he said nothing would be impossible to them if they DID learn to believe enough. Then he said, “However, this particular kind leaves only when you have prepared enough through much fasting and prayer.” He said nothing about him being the only one that could do it, because he was imbued with special powers.

Not knowing makes room for learning.

He explained it that way, I have often written and shared with groups, because his disciples were at least honest enough to ask “how come we couldn’t get rid of it” instead of making up a whole lot of excuses that so many of those who refer to themselves as “believers” make up …including, again, the denial that such entities even exist.

The question makes it obvious that they thought they should have been able to get rid of it, because they had done like things previously – and what makes it even more interesting from, my point of view …and per usual, I insist that it is only my point of view and also that Jesus was more than a little irritated at them for forgetting the discipline it takes to get there, so irritated, in fact, that he actually (literally), in the original language, called them a bunch of faithless perverts!

It was this passage that changed my life so that I began asking what kind of prayer and what kind of fasting did it take to be able to get to the point of being able to do the same thing he was able to do …and that, lest we forget, he said any individual could do also if he or she believed enough. Are you one of “any individuals?” I stopped listening to religious nonsense that came out of the mouths of powerless teachers.

If this is true, show me, I began demanding. I’ll tell all about the vision I received in answer to that – coming up next. But the following quote was so inspirational I wanted to include it this segment:

I want to help you understand that every question has an answer, every problem has a solution and every answer and solution is right at your fingertips if you will just BE solution oriented and answer oriented rather than focusing on the problem. If you are solution oriented, everything that is not working right in your life would begin coming into alignment.
You have this long list of problems or a long list of what you want to be different and I want you to understand that the Universe is all queued up orchestrating and standing by, ready to do anything and everything you want, PROVIDED you are a vibrational match to it.
But you have to clean up your vibration – which means simply you have to focus on what you desire and where you are going. You have to tell the story of your life the way you want it to be and not the way it is. Forget about “WHAT IS”. Stop looking for sympathy and for people to agree with you. When you turn your list of desires over to other people and want them to become the vortex by which your desires come to you, that’s when the trouble begins. Do not give your power over to other people in an effort to bring
you what you desire. Give your list to the Universe because it will get it for you EVERY SINGLE TIME.

You get to decide how far you want to reach beyond “WHAT IS.” You have so much power because you come with the non-physical energy that is moving downstream in such a powerful way. The problem is
most of the time you are trying to go way downstream with a net and gather up all the good stuff and bring it all into your life right now with the attitude, “if I don’t go get it all now it will get away from me.”

But the truth is it won’t get away from you. It will keep reappearing and reappearing because it is a never-ending stream. Your ship won’t come in and have you miss it, or you won’t take one ship and miss another one. You can take any ride you want and in the middle of that ride you can keep asking for more. There is nothing you cannot have if you flow WITH the stream and don’t try to dam it up out of fear. There is no need to build a dam because the Flow never stops.
Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! No matter how large or small, please record it in your Evidence Journal. It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

-Robt Anthony

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