Sometimes the most important thing to do is. . .

Hmmm…maybe wait a while on this.


After all, if “just do it” means, for you, to jump off the edge of a cliff, or even is the first step on a path that leads to a place that proves to be totally unrewarding and has led you to the point you are sorry you ever made the step then, despite what all the experts might say, procrastination is a good thing.

There will be a point of awareness that prepares you to jump safely or take the first step on that very same path with no regrets later, but UNTIL you have reached that point of awareness you are NOT prepared.

The preparation for each individual is unique and must be approached with and surrounded with a love so pure that the individual feels no threat to existing beliefs.

It is a pure love that motivates the mother eagle to push her fledglings off the edge of the cliff so they learn to fly – they simply cannot learn to fly nor can they survive without this push. Pure love keeps her from doing this until they are strong enough – that’s the preparation for an eagle and the mother’s instinct is pure love intact.

Are you ready to can if you’re ready…

Humans are enormously different from eagles and other species; limitless “flying” of which an eagle’s flight is, at best, only symbolic because it is limited to the atmospheric conditions and physical adaptations of the bird to that atmosphere, whereas spirits occupying human bodies have the ability to be in two places at the same time millions of miles distant from each other.

In other words, your ability to “soar like an eagle” is a simile that keeps you trapped, because you “know” the body you occupy is not constructed to fly like an eagle. The real YOU can be hovering over a distant galaxy, light years away, but the programming of the conscious part of the mind keeps you anchored on this planet.

Until you become aware of the truth of the foregoing paragraph you need to procrastinate, because you are not prepared for this kind of “flight.”

In Freedom,





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