Tunnel Vision…

You can’t go very far, without a lot of Light.

Thinking outside the Box

(…and other useless clichés)


All I really need to see about “tunnel vision,” is that vision is the tunnel. To prove this, I need only to remember that I have been programmed to believe what I see and to remain skeptical about anything I haven’t seen with my own eyes.

Just as soon as I accept this proof as foundational to overcoming all sorts of limiting beliefs, I’m on the launching pad to explore all sorts of thoughts and beliefs that have been holding me prisoner.

Let’s play with the metaphor of a rocket that has enough power to escape the gravitational pull of the earth. The analogy is apt because as long as I believe it is impossible to actually get to the moon and beyond, I’ll never allow my mind to make the transition necessary to begin thinking about how to actually get there.

As I begin to explore possibilities, it is important to remember not to allow a different set of limiting beliefs to take hold. A rocket metaphor can produce just such a limit.

There are other way’s of breaking free…discover yours.

Space scientists have long realized that, while rockets provided our first baby steps into space, it will take far more advanced technology than rockets to reach the next level in space exploration. What else is possible? Anything, just as long as we realize we can’t think our way there with the conscious part of the mind.

This IS one launching pad; escaping the gravitational pull of the cognitive part of the mind. For me, one of the great quotes of the century is: “How can you think outside the box, if thinking is the box.”

I recognize that I must not allow this to become a “rocket;” while a powerful reminder of the limits of the conscious part of the mind, this quote can become a limit because it may tend to have me discount the useful ways in which the conscious part of the mind can play, particularly if I AM willing to avoid obsessive obeisance to it as being the key part to advancement which it is NOT!

What now? Another part of the mind of this body I occupy is demanding that I stop here, with this challenge: WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?


Before there was a Brad Cullen, I AM that, I AM,



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