It is So Simple, BUT

The Conscious Part of the Mind. . .

The truth! What is truth but a point of view.

 …makes it complicated, putting layers and layers of seeming inviolate laws and/or principles, call them what you will, which can be swept away quickly and easily when and if we are willing to let them go in favor of the TRUTH, which is interpreted differently by each of us and which no man or woman can effectively articulate.

The above paragraph when digested (I humbly suggest you read it over a few more times, because the TRUTH is hidden there) contains the WHOLE, SIMPLE TRUTH.

Each of the myriad branches of philosophy, religion and science are systems and each having its own particular and peculiar dogma purporting to be the truth or the pathway to the truth.

What makes things complicated is that each of the myriad systems contains a miniscule slice of the truth, the proponents of each proclaiming that their system is the only truth and refusing to acknowledge the others as having any part of the truth.

As much truth as the earth somewhere within this galaxy.

Meanwhile, God, the Universe, Great Spirit, etc, call HER/HIM/IT what you will sees and IS the WHOLE TRUTH and that is what is So Simple!

My peculiar dogma is that to fully understand what is being said here takes dialogue among participants in a small group. Would you care to participate?

If you are willing to accept, even as a remote possibility, that the foregoing may contain some small speck of the truth, then our small group, you and I, can get started.

Just click on reply and let’s have some dialogue so that I can be fed the truth as it comes through your filter and vice versa.

Let the magic of two different slices of truth seeping into one another’s being begin, who knows, it could grow into three, four or even a few more slices and thus beginning to see, in parts, that there is a WHOLE which cannot be seen, but can be revered and even accessed.



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